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We at eartgallery.in art are here to capture the beauty portrayed by the great painters of the globe & take you into an aesthetic world which will offer you peace of mind and escapism into an imaginary world created by these artists. Their paintings will definitely appeal to your sense of sight and will give you an unending pleasure.

“Heard melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter”. Paintings offer a treat to your imagination. It accelerates the thought process and takes you away from the reality into a dreamy world created by the painter on the Canvas. And if the painting is about real life situation on portrays human world, it changes our perception towards life because we perceive it through the eyes of a painter.

So, zoom into the world of art & imagination as you sift through the paintings on display in our eartgallery.in.

Our website eartgallery.in provides a platform to the painters across the globe to portray their latent capabilities, talents and their imagination. They can share their unique creations with the outside world and get acquainted with the different styles and art of the painter’s fraternity.

Treat for art lovers.

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Affordable paintings with unique combination.

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