About Us

It’s been aptly said by Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine that “Art is long life in short”. We find similar Hellenic reference in the lines penned down by John Keats, the famous Romantic poet of 18th century where his Endymion poem begins with the line “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.

Anything beautiful offers joy and pleasure to our senses. Beauty is eternal. It is not transitory like human life. It doesn’t fleet and neither fades away as time passes by.

Appreciation leads to wonderful creations and a satisfaction that you have carved a niche for yourself. If a noble work or art is appreciated it elevates the spirit of the creator and paves way for more creative work. We at e-art gallery provide an opportunity to the painters to get acknowledged and recognized for their art. They will get recognition from all almost all the parts of the world for their contribution in the field of art by the lovers of painting.

Painters will benefit as their displayed paintings on our website will be on sale. We assure that their priceless creations of art will be properly rewarded.

Gifting cakes, pastries, buying expensive gifts and other articles for your loved ones have become traditional ways of expressing affection towards your loved ones. What a better option than gifting a piece of art that will last till eternity and offer happiness to the owner of a beautiful painting hanged on a wall. This will serve a two-fold purpose, one of giving a n unending pleasure to the owner and other of extending a helping hand to the painter by filling his kitty. Your generosity will get a vent and be of assistance to the painter.

We are not in to any cut throat competition with other websites showcasing the art of prospective painters. Our motto is to cater to the needs of the painters by providing them with a platform to benefit by selling their priceless creations online.

We assure that the onus of delivering the painting at your door step will be borne by our dedicated team at eartgallery.in. We take guarantee of the shipment. The mode of payment we offer is cash-on-delivery (in specific cities). Once the piece of art is received by the buyer they can directly pay to the delivery boy.